Old MacDonald Breeds Mutant Turkeys

Old MacDonald Breeds Mutant Turkeys

Old MacDonald

In an effort to accommodate everyone’s desire for a drumstick, Old MacDonald, known as Mac to friends, has developed a five-legged turkey. Mac spent the past 2 decades in a hidden room in the old red barn carefully breeding and inbreeding generations of turkeys to finally come up with this freakish  assymetrical pentapodal poultry.

Expecting praise for his years of tedious experimenting, Old MacDonald instead found himself the defendant in a class action suit led by PETA. Mac’s family also had him involuntarily committed to Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater’s Pumpkin for the Criminally Insane where he was fed curds and whey in a cell next to the infamous Little Jack Horner.

Mirth in a Box is investigating the veracity of this report. In the mean time, please visit our site, Mirth in a Box.

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