Mirth in a Box Testing Facility

Greetings and welcome to theĀ Mirth in a Box mirth in a box product test facilityTesting Facility!

The genesis of theĀ Mirth in a Box Testing Facility was prompted by curiosity, a gripping interest in pranks and all sorts of nonsense and a desire to move beyond mere pedestrian antics in to the realm of the sublime. With chants of “Citius, Altius, Fortius” we opened our doors and rolled up our sleeves.

The performance metrics vary from product to product. Sometimes a mere visual examination or a side-by-side comparison does the trick. Often we need to be pragmatic and let availability, price or size drive our decisions. Frequently packaging, future usefulness or smell color our decisions. Sometimes we flip a coin.

We do look for pranks, gags and gifts that are unique, innovative or classic. We also look for reliability, realism and cost to play value ratio.

Our testers are provided with a safe working environment, regular candy breaks and unlimited access to caffeinated products. Our testers all participate voluntarily. We strive, and often succeed, to treat our test subjects ethically and humanely and give them free stuff and a hearty pat on the back after we prank them.

What follows is a compellation of our lab notes and conclusions.

And here’s a formula: M=.00987 x F -75.9+ LSMFT

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